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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating Plan
Losing weight starts with a healthy lifestyle! Let's start by changing your relationship with food! Learn to enjoy the food you love in moderation!

There are 3 different Healthy eating options offered to get you started losing weight. Depending on your goals and current undertsanding of nutrition will determine which is best for you! 


Healthy Eating Grocery List

Not sure what to eat or what to buy from the grocery store! Here is a list prepared for you breaking down all foods to get you started on a healthy eating journey. Various food selections including Protien, veggies, carbs, fats, condiements, snack and more! 

7 Day Meal Plan 

 Not sure what to eat and when to it ? Ready to get started eating healthy but not sure how to group your meals to lose weight? This 7 day meal plan outlines meals for each day! Also includes many helpful tips for overall healthy food intake.

Carb Cycle Meal Plan

This is a nutririon stategy used for rapid fast loss and body toning. This is perfect if yuo have reached a fat loss plateau. For this plan, I highly suggest to only get this if you are active & exercing. This is my favorite plan! This plan teaches you how to rotate yuor carbs in your meals to drop fat quickly while enhancing your curves. This is perfect if you are ready to jump back into working out or if you are currenlty working out. Yes you can eat carbs and still lose weight! 

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